CNA Lifestyle Feature: Sun care basics – Planning to switch to a sunscreen stick? Here’s what you need to know

08 May 2023

Daily sunscreen application is a must because it’s one of the easiest things you can do to protect yourself against damaging UV rays, while also helping to slow down skin ageing.

In this article by CNA, Dr. Liew Hui Min, Consultant Dermatologist advises us to opt for sunscreens with higher SPF protection, as this would compensate for under-application of sunscreen. According to Dr. Liew, sunscreen remains on the skin at the desired SPF for up to eight hours, and re-application is advisable especially for activities like water sports or high intensity exercises.

Read the full article here to learn more about “five things you need to know about keeping your skin well-protected against the sun and how to get the most out of your sunscreen stick:

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