Newborn may have various forms of birthmarks from day one of life – known as congenital birthmarks. Common birthmarks are moles, café au lait macules, Mongolian spots, naevus of Ota/Ito, infantile haemangioma, port wine stain, epidermal naevus.

Our dermatologist, Dr Liew, was a consultant and now a Visiting Consultant at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Her experience and expertise will help you to understand these various types of birthmarks and how to manage them.

Services that our dermatologist can provide are:

1. Monitoring of your birthmarks
2. Order investigations if necessary
3. Topical and oral therapy for infantile haemangioma
4. Lasers for Naevus of Ota/Ito, and port wine stain at any age


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common itchy skin condition in adult and children. There are many triggers for eczema, varies depending on age group, environmental exposure, and life situation.

We offer a wide range of investigations to determine the underlying trigger for eczema (if any), before tailoring the most suitable treatment.

Investigations that we offer are:

1. Skin prick test to detect common food and environmental allergens
2. Patch test to detect standard contact allergy and own products
3. Blood test to detect common food and environmental allergens
4. Skin biopsy to rule out skin conditions which may mimic eczema, if required.

Treatments we offer:

1. Consultation and counselling on management of eczema
2. Topical Management
3. Wet wrapping
4. Oral Medication
5. Biologics (Dupilumab)
6. Nurse treatment
7. In-patient treatment, if medically necessary.

Hair & Nail Disorders

Hair and nail disorders are not uncommon in children. Fortunately, most the conditions are self-limiting and may not require medical treatments. Alopecia areata is a common presentation of hair loss in children and it is usually reversible with early intervention.

Our dermatologist, Dr Liew, will advise on the best management plan for you and your child.

Minor Skin Surgery & Laser

Our dermatologist, Dr Liew, has the experience to perform minor skin surgery including nail surgery, and laser in children, if medically indicated. She will discuss the details of the surgery or laser and the need for general anaesthesia, if required.

Newborn Rash

Newborns do not always have perfect skin. Fortunately, they will settle spontaneously. Common newborn rashes are erythema toxic neonatorum, seborrheic dermatitis, heat rash, and diaper rash.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced dermatologist, Dr Liew, for a consult to assess your child’s precious skin.

Skin & Food Allergies

Food allergies in young children, usually below the age of 2 years old is not uncommon. The skin reactions are usually flaring of eczema or urticaria.

If you suspect a food as a trigger for the rash, you can discuss this with our dermatologist, Dr Liew, and she can best advise you on the best tests for your child. Keeping a diary for at least a month may also help you and our dermatologist on testing the right food.

Tests that we can offer are:

1. Skin prick test
2. Blood test

Skin Infections

Bacterial Infection – Impetigo

This is a common skin condition in children.  It presents with yellow crusted rash, usually around the face.

In more severe conditions, the child may have blistering rash and some younger children may develop staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, requiring admission for antibiotics, skin care management and pain control.

Our dermatologist, Dr Liew, has the expertise and admitting rights to admit your child if necessary for further management, together with our SOG paediatricians.

Viral Warts

Viral warts is a common infection on the skin of children. It can be resistant to over the counter medications.

Our dermatologist will discuss the options and the treatment that we can provide depending on the severity and your preference:

1. Topical treatment
2. Pairing and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy
3. Electrocautery
4. Excision and electrocautery
5. Laser using carbon dioxide laser
6. Surgical treatment for viral warts in the nails

Our dermatologist has the privilege to admit your child into Day Surgery for procedure to be done under general anaesthesia if clinically indicated.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a common viral infection among children. The reason for that is usually due to skin-to-skin contact.

Treatments we provide are:

1. Topical treatment
2. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy
3. Skin Curettage

Fungal Infections

Fungus infection may not be so common among children but fungal infection of the scalp and hair is common. Fungal infection on the scalp can lead to scarring and permanent hair loss. Hence early treatment is important.  

If you suspect fungal infection on the scalp of your child, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic for a consult.

FAQs with Dr. Liew

FAQs with Dr. Liew

Any kind of birthmarks from pigment type, e.g. naevus of Ota, and red vascular birthmarks, e.g. port wine stain.

Recurrence is high therefore it is advisable to discuss with your dermatologist on the number of sessions required for different types of birthmarks.

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FAQs with Dr. Liew

FAQs with Dr. Liew

The inflammation caused by migration of white cells to the surface of the skin, due to broken skin barrier and exposure to the environmental triggers such as house dust mites, etc.

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Dr. Liew Hui Min (Dually Accredited Dermatologist In Singapore)

Dr. Liew Hui Min is an accredited consultant dermatologist from the Ministry of Health and the General Medical Council UK. Her clinical interest includes paediatric dermatology, women’s dermatology and general adult dermatology. Having trained in major London Hospitals, Dr Liew returned to Singapore in 2014 as a Consultant at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) where she specialised in paediatric, women, obstetric and vulva dermatology. Currently, Dr Liew practices at SOG – HM Liew Skin & Laser Clinic located at Gleneagles Hospital.

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